You have come to my web page, which is under reconstruction, but you will find some information about my artistic praxis and current activity below.
Please do not hesitate to take contact for any information or questions you might have.
BW Siri

Siri Austeen (1961, NO) is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Trondheim (1981–85).
In her artistic practice, Austeen is concerned with the relationship between sound, place and reality; how different listening strategies affect our
understanding of reality and ourselves as part of a whole.
A recurring theme in her work is the intervention of the individual, collective and ecological structures.
Austeen's practice, which is often based on exploratory field recordings, is expressed as site-specific sound installations, performances, participant-based projects, radio productions and public art assignments.
She has presented her works nationally and internationally at the Henie Onstad Art Center, the National Museum, Ultima Oslo Contemporary music festival, Kunstnernes Hus, Galleri Rudolfinum Praha and Kurt-Kurt Berlin. She has been part of the collaborative projects "Reality based Audio Workshop" 2018–20 and "Climata – Capturing change at the time of ecological crisis" Oslo Praksis 2019–2021. Austeen has realized several public art assignments, including for
Forsvarsbygg 2009, Falstadsenteret 2020 and Sørumsand Highschool 2020.

Mattering Oil, Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology group exhibition.
Fredrikstad Kunstforening, Solo exhibition.
I call it art, The National Museum's opening exhibition.

Austeen Oslo Open 2021